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Regulatory Compliance and e-commerce Operations

The platform acts as an operational pivot, steering consumer transactions towards licensed retailers who are authorized to sell alcoholic products. This strategic alignment ensures that all online activities are consistent with industry laws, reducing risks and enhancing consumer trust.



We utilize a third party retailer to take on the role of the transactional intermediary, effectively capturing and directing consumer orders and payments to licensed retailers in the network. This hands-off approach for the brand maintains the strict compartmentalization required by the 3-tier system.


Legal Safeguards

This safeguard protects against hefty fines and the potential loss of licenses.


Enhanced Consumer Trust

A transparent payment process not only safeguards against regulatory pitfalls but also bolsters consumer trust in the brand.


Operational Simplicity

With the use of third party retailers we free brands to concentrate on their core competencies: product development and market engagement.



Our third party retailers offer liquor brands an innovative yet compliant ecommerce solution, which seamlessly routes consumer orders to licensed retailers. This alignment represents a meaningful stride in modernizing the alcohol sales landscape, compliantly and efficiently.

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